The wholesale marketplace

platform for Circular Fashion

This is where the match between the B2B supply and demand for used clothes takes place.

In order to address the environmental problem of fashion, we have developed a new revolutionary technology: Re4Circular.

One day we would like to see an entirely circular fashion system, in which we stop eroding the planet's resources and instead we use the already existing material as a circular resource.

For circular fashion businesses

If you are a textile recycling company, a fashion upcycler or a second-hand shop you are in the right place!

On Re4Circular marketplace you can use filters to search the best used clothes for your business, see which entities can provide them, view each garment and its characteristics and conveniently buy them online.

This is a B2B marketplace: there is not a minimum cost to spend, but a minimum amount of garments to buy (30).

You will no more buy in bulk "without checking": you will be able to choose the content of your purchase (selecting clothes by type, color, composition, gender, season, size, presence of defects, brand, etc.).

You will no longer have to waste entire days between phone calls, emails and physical research to find the material you are looking for, just use our marketplace.

Save time

in searching and buying what you need for your circular activity: on Re4Circular platform you can find it in just a few clicks.

No more waste

of clothes and money: you will only buy what you need, selecting the clothes’ features you are interested in.


Sellers (collection hubs and brands with deadstock) commit to transparency and sustainability by adopting our sorting tech.

For entities managing used/unsold clothes

Nowdays the sorting activity is mainly manual and this doesn't allow to record and transmit all the clothes' features, useful for directing each garment to the best circular destination for its conditions and characteristics.

We provide our cataloguing and digitizing technology to collection or selection entities, as well as fashion brands with deadstock or take-back projects, in order for them to maximize the residual value of their clothes.

Our Artificial Intelligence technology is able to extract all the useful data just from the picture of the garment and of its label. These images and data flow into Re4circular digital marketplace, automatically creating items to wholesale online.

This allows to digitize the sorting process and at the same time to have a direct connection with the market. Say goodbye to the current very long and unprofitable supply chain: now you’ll have less intermediaries and more revenues.

In addition, we promote all the entities that sell on our marketplace, enhancing them as ethical companies, transparency-oriented and concretely committed to reducing the environmental impact of the fashion industry.


Shorten the supply chain and sell directly to circular companies: Re4Circular platform will be your only enabler.


Use our innovative technology to digitize and automate your sorting process for circularity.


Give each garment the best circular destination, reducing the amount of clothes wasted in landfills.

Get more information

If you want to stay updated on our latest developments and get more information about Re4Circular, leave us your e-mail address.

If you are a circular fashion company / professional select the market side “Demand”, while if you are an organization managing used clothes or a fashion company with deadstock / take-back, please, select the market side “Supply”.

Who we are

Atelier Riforma is an Italian social innovative startup, incorporated as a LLC in 2020. The two co-founders are Elena Ferrero and Sara Secondo, but now the team is varied and with complementary conpetences.

We began with a pioneer e-commerce for upcycled clothes, but we have soon realised that circular fashion needs a solution at a higher scale. There is an increasing amount of post-consumer textiles and they can no more be managed by exporting them to other areas of the world and then dispersing it in the environment.

There are several ways to give clothes a second life (reuse, recycling, upcycling...): the challenge is to direct each garment to the most suitable destination for it. There are also many stakeholders in this supply chain and the best solution to have a large-scale impact is beeing a meeting point between them, accelerating the process through technology.

With this perspective, we have designed and are currently developing Re4Circular.

Re4Circular is now online!

If you have suggestions or want to tell us about your specific needs, please feel free to contact us!

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